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Koorosh Khashayar, Founder of LOKK Legal Devotes His Practice to Preventing Problems, and Protecting Clients Before it is Too Late.


“My typical clients are investors, lessees, purchasers or sellers of a business or commercial property. They are typically those who are starting a business and need to incorporate or those who own medium sized businesses and need the counsel of an experienced real estate and transactional attorney,” says Koorosh Khashayar, founder of LOKK Legal. “I have drafted,
revised and negotiated many, many contracts.”
As a previous investor himself, Khashayar has firsthand experience in what can happen when investors and business owners do not take the proper measures to protect what they’ve
worked for by planning ahead. In fact, experiencing the painful consequences of not protecting his assets firsthand propelled him to make transactional real estate and business law his

The Value Of Hard Work, The Cost Of Being Unprotected
“My family is in real estate. My grandfather was a very successful real estate developer, and my uncle has been in real estate and business for more than 30 years,” says Khashayar. It only made sense then for Khashayar to put his own money earned while in college into real estate. “While in college, I was selling cell phones part time, for commission, while I was in college, and had purchased a car with my money. One day I had a talk with my great uncle and he told me that instead of pouring thousands of dollars upgrading a car that is only going to depreciate, I should be investing my money into real estate. I thought what he said made sense so I sold my car, partnered with my brother and a friend and we all bought a condo in San Francisco’s Financial District in 2001, when I was 18,” he recalls.
Over the next few years, Khashayar turned that single investment into 8 real estate properties, and he seemed poised to follow in the family business of real estate investment. However,
he was reluctant to put all of his eggs in the proverbial basket of real estate investment. “I didn’t want to gamble entirely on investments. I wanted to gamble on my education,” he says.
To that end, Khashayar earned his J.D. by the time he was 24, and immediately followed it up by obtaining his post doctorate L.L.M from the University of Miami School of Law in Real Property Development. He then dove headfirst into working for some of the largest real property transactional firms in the country, before returning to California. Once he returned to America’s Finest City, he secured a position as Assistant City Attorney in San Diego, representing such clients as Centre City Development Corporation, Southeastern Economic

Development Corporation and the Redevelopment Company of San Diego. While he loved the work, Khashayar decided to gain a bit of litigation experience, just to make sure he was a well-rounded attorney. In the process he confirmed what he had long suspected was his true calling. He wanted to use his brain to protect others.
“It is not my personality to fight over a dispute after the fact. I prefer to prevent problems before they occur,” he says. A personal experience would solidify this passion even further.

Protecting Others as a Passion and a Profession
Khashayar’s real estate investments had given him a net worth of a few million dollars before he even turned 25. But he says, “I didn’t have any protection. I wasn’t set up to succeed. I didn’t have operating agreements in place, I didn’t create any entities for my investments, I didn’t properly protect myself within my investments. I didn’t even read or review any of the promissory notes or leases I signed while I was in college or law school. When the real estate market went down, I basically lost it all.”
However, what he lost in financial investments, he gained in the knowledge, life experience and ability to be able to truly understand the value of having properly crafted and highly
specialized documents protecting his assets. In short, it provided him with an ability to assist his clients in a way others couldn’t.
“I have been in my clients’ shoes. I have worked hard to build up a future for myself, and I have seen it almost destroyed because I wasn’t properly protected. Now I use that experience
to make sure that I can protect others from that type of loss.
It is incredibly rewarding to help protect others, so they don’t have to lose what they have worked for,” he says. To that end, Khashayar launched LOKK Legal (Law Offices
of Koorosh Khashayar) in order to provide highly specialized and secure transactional services. “I am not a general practitioner. I refer anything that is not business or real estate transactional work out to others attorneys. I use my experience in drafting highly specialized and strictly customized contracts for clients,” he says.

“Many clients and some attorneys believe that a one-size-fits all contract or form will suffice. They won’t. The devil is in the details, and if you miss one detail, it can cost your client. I don’t use ready-forms or templates. A client who owns a grocery store needs a different contract to truly protect them than a mechanic requires. LOKK Legal does not cut and paste generic documents to save time. Every single client receives a unique, customized document. We are adamant about quality control. A good transactional attorney is obligated to protect their client by being attentive to detail, and the level of detail that goes into our work is extremely painstaking,” Khashayar explains.
Not surprisingly, because of his highly specialized field of practice, and his extensive experience in drafting contracts and agreements, a great deal of Khashayar’s business results from referrals. “Attorneys send their clients to me, because they know that the quality of work they will receive will make the attorney look good. They are appreciative of the lengths we go to in order to protect their clients,” Khashayar explains. One look at LOKK Legal’s nearly 40 positive reviews on Yelp! and more than 20 on Google+ serve as testament that Khashayar’s clients –including referring attorneys- are incredibly pleased with LOKK Legal’s work.
Additional efforts on Khashayar’s part to be able to help protect as many clients as he can, may be seen in the flexible billing he offers. “Our low overhead allows us to offer value pricing while keeping quality high. Firms with high overhead and large rents are going to have to charge accordingly to cover those expenses. We make a concerted effort to keep our overhead low, so the savings are passed onto clients,” he says.

Moreover, the boutique style of LOKK legal allows for a great deal of nimbleness in billing. In addition to utilizing the latest technology, so that clients may provide E-signatures, or pay fees online from home or even from their cell phones, “We offer flat fees for businesses or hourly billing to ensure that everyone –no matter how large or small their business or investment- may be able to protect themselves,” Khashayar says.
“I believe that the creativity, ingenuity, and the hard work ethic of the entrepreneur and small business owner are the backbone of the American Dream. I’ve seen how the costs, damages, and unnecessary legal liability from legal disputes can cripple such a dream. Proper legal planning can prevent such pitfalls, and it is an honor to be able to help entrepreneurs and business owners protect everything they have worked for and are continuing to work towards.”

Koorosh Khashayar
LOKK Legal
(858) 472-9700
330 A Street #13
San Diego, California 92101

Karen Gorden

Karen Gorden is a Staff Writer for Attorney Journal.

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About the Author: Karen Gorden is a Staff Writer for Attorney Journal.

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