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From client education to client experience and excellence in results, Jurewitz Law Group focuses on empowering clients from injury through verdict and beyond.

“IT’S not enough to have good lines of communication with our Personal Injury clients. It’s just not meaningful if one side of the conversation has all of the information in terms of legal procedures and regulations. We are big advocates of educating our clients throughout their entire experience with us,” says Ross Jurewitz, Founder and award-winning Trial Attorney at Jurewitz Law Group.

The reason Jurewitz is so committed to educating clients is because the focus of his firm isn’t just on delivering results. “Although achieving a great result for our clients is important, and to some the most important metric, we believe that the client experience is just as important. We strive to help our clients through their injuries and the difficult litigation process to make it the best experience possible,” he says. “We want their experience with our firm to be great. We want them to feel like they had an excellent advocate, someone who made them feel good through the process.”


Jurewitz’s desire to become an attorney started young, when he was “a surfer and punk kid in Southern California, always trying to go against the grain,” he says. “The first time I can remember thinking that I wanted to be an attorney, I was about 10 years old. I don’t think I even knew why, but over the years I really enjoyed standing up for those who were picked on because they were weak. I admired those around me who did as well,” he recalls.

When he went to work early in his career alongside James Hoey, who became one of Jurewitz’s mentors, the decision to focus his efforts on personal injury was cemented. “I really enjoyed the mixture of being able to help someone who needed help due to no fault of their own, and the ability to fight against a bully in the form of an insurance company,” he says.

Jurewitz knew that learning all that he could through experience in the areas of case law and trial strategy was the only way to effectively beat the insurance companies. He also knew that he wanted to make sure his clients received not only excellent rewards for their injury, but that they were also well educated about the process they were about to embark on, so that the litigation experience would be as pleasant as possible. Moreover, when Jurewitz decided to open his own firm in 2010, he decided that in addition to offering advocacy for personal injury victims, his firm would also offer clients help in securing Social Security Disability benefits if their injury resulted in a long-term or permanent disability.

19“Our typical personal injury client has significant or catastrophic injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. Most of our cases are auto/motorcycle/traffic accidents, but we also represent people injured in slip and fall accidents, workplace accidents, cruise ship accidents and accidents covered under the Jones Act on navigable waters. Our typical Social Security Disability client has undergone a catastrophic change of their life which has prevented them from working at all for at least one year, and possibly much longer into the future,” Jurewitz says.

At the initial meeting with clients, Jurewitz makes several things clear to his clients. “They are frustrated. They have often been bombarded by calls or letters. We let them know that the stress is no longer theirs. We take on the stress and their only job is to go to the doctor, to get their health back, and to try to get better,” he says. At the same time, he also offers them the resources to learn what their lawsuit will entail.

“We believe in educating our clients and prospective clients throughout the personal injury process with free books, white papers, and videos so that they can make informed decisions about the handling of their case and the case strategy involved. We have published a personal injury book and are in the process of publishing books about motorcycle accidents and Social Security Disability,” Jurewitz says. “That way they know why we are recommending what we are recommending and why we are using the strategy we are using. It all begins with why for us, because we want our clients to have a great experience with our office. We firmly believe that an informed and educated client is the best client.”


“We are unique in that we are one of the few Personal Injury firms which also handles Social Security and Disability Claims,” Jurewitz says. As a matter of fact, it is his wife, Lee Jurewitz, who heads up the firm’s Social Security Disability practice, where she and her team work diligently to get Social Security benefits approved for clients by personally guiding them throughout the long and trying process of negotiating the bureaucracy of the Social Security Administration.

Not surprisingly, as a result, Jurewitz says that his firm gets not only referrals for personal injury cases from fellow attorneys, but that they often come to the Jurewitz Law Group for help in this arena as well. “We have the resources and skills not only to achieve great results for victims, but to help them solve their problems or difficulties arising from their injuries. For those who refer their personal injury clients for help due to long-term or permanent disability that would qualify them for Social Security Disability benefits, we make sure that their clients’ disability benefit needs are looked after and provide a sort of second opinion to clients to reassure them that their personal injury attorney is handling their case smartly,” Jurewitz says. “There is no better friend for a personal injury lawyer than another personal injury lawyer who supports their efforts and their strategy for their client.”

“We know the level of trust it takes for other attorneys to refer their friends, family, and clients to another attorney and we try our utmost to make sure that trust is repaid. We track the source of all client referrals and acknowledge the referral when the client contacts us. Throughout the handling of the client’s case, we can keep the referring attorney up to speed with the general stage of the case if desired, or we can simply wait until the end of the case and send a generous referral fee out of the blue. Attorneys are often surprised by our results and the amount of the corresponding referral fee, as we can often sew a purse out of a sow’s ear. Cases that are initially evaluated at $25,000 or less are often settled in the six figures,” he says.


In addition to Jurewitz’s efforts to educate his clients before and during the litigation process, the firm is known for being one of the most technologically advanced firms of its size in San Diego. “We are constantly looking at how to incorporate technology into achieving greater results for our clients and delivering a better client experience. We were one of the first law offices in California to move to a paper-less office, and one of the first to adopt cloud capabilities for sharing case information with clients and experts. We are also adopting increased use of video-conferencing with clients and complete back-end sharing of case files with our clients through secure cloud portals,” Jurewitz says.

Furthermore, the Jurewitz Law Group also has two offices in San Diego. “We have an office Downtown and another in Carlsbad, so our law offices are always a convenient drive for our clients,” Jurewitz says.

Indeed, an exceptional client experience is so important to Jurewitz that he has intentionally sought out mentors and coaches to ensure that his practice is second to none when it comes to client service. “Ben Glass, a personal injury attorney and legal marketing guru in Fairfax, Virginia, opened my eyes to education-based marketing for clients. Ben harnessed and demonstrated to me something that I already believed was true: that an educated client is the best client and providing helpful information and education to the public is the best way to attract that type of client,” he explains.

Similarly, Jurewitz is grateful to have found a business coach who has helped his practice to thrive. “Samy Chong’s ability to read people and their motivations has helped tremendously in learning how to manage our expanding team of employees. Along with his ability to help with streamlining our production systems so that we can work even more efficiently and use our time to make the most of the time-intensive needs of our clients to build value into their cases, he also helps me to look at opportunities and problems from a whole different perspective. He forces me to look at situations differently and think about other options I never considered since our backgrounds are so different: I’m a lawyer, and he’s a Buddhist restaurateur,” Jurewitz chuckles. “I work with Samy and a handful of very successful attorneys throughout California to hone our practices,” he adds.

Some of Jurewitz’s mentors are a little closer to home. “Since meeting in law school, my wife Lee has been my best friend and a sounding board in every major decision I have made in my practice and personal life. I tend to think strategically and am very determined to achieve my goals. Lee is more deliberative and patient about considering all information before making a decision. As the result, she balances me out and our clients greatly benefit.”


Despite having a busy practice with a 3:1 ratio of staff supporting the firm’s attorneys, and having two San Diego offices, Jurewitz Law Group still finds time to lend support to various organizations, as well as taking on pro bono cases for injured children. “We are the only law firm in California that offers to represent children injured in auto accidents for free through our Free Lawyers for Kids Program,” Jurewitz says. Likewise, Jurewitz is a founding member and advisor for Teens Against Distracted Driving, which is a nationwide association of lawyers who educate teens about the dangers of driving while distracted.

Finally, the Jurewitz Law Group chooses a charity each quarter to contribute their time and money towards. These have included the San Diego Brain Injury foundation, Sports for Exceptional Athletes, the San Diego Food Bank, and local beach cleanups throughout San Diego County. The Susan G. Komen Foundation also receives a great deal of time and money from the Jurewitz Law Group, as Jurewitz’s wife, Lee is a breast cancer survivor. “Lee was diagnosed in 2012 and has gone through extensive treatment and reconstruction for her cancer. Having watched what she went through emotionally, mentally and physically has been amazing to me. Her strength and determination to get through her illness is inspiring and leaves me awestruck,” he says.

As far as the future is concerned for Jurewitz and his rapidly growing practice, it looks like new offices will soon be appearing on the horizon. “We are looking to strengthen our presence in North County, South Orange County and South Riverside County with offices in those areas. Our Social Security Disability practice is also continuing to grow, allowing us to handle more client cases, and to have a more national presence,” he says.

And of course, for Jurewitz, an admitted “huge University of Texas Longhorns sports fan,” the possibility always exists to open another office in Austin, Texas. In the meantime, Jurewitz plans to continue helping his clients throughout greater San Diego, and making sure there is time to give back to his team, his community and his family, which also includes his 4-year-old daughter, Ryan. “Lee and I love to travel, and the frequency of our travel increased after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a reminder not to put off important goals until later,” he says. “Fortunately, today she is doing great and so is our firm.”


  • J.D., Washington College of Law, American University, Washington, DC, 2000
  • B.A., Political Science, University of California, San Diego, 1997
  • Minor: Law & Society


  • TIME Magazine: Leaders in Personal Injury Law (March 18, 2013)
  • Newsweek®: Nationwide Leaders in Auto Accident Law (September 3, 2012)
  • Million Dollar Advocates Forum


  • San Diego County Bar Association
  • Consumer Attorneys of San Diego
  • Consumer Attorneys of California
  • North County Bar Association
  • American Bar Association
  • American Association for Justice (formerly ATLA)


Jurewitz Law Group
(888) 233-5020

San Diego:
600 B Street, Suite 1550
San Diego, CA 92101

701 Palomar Airport Road #300
Carlsbad, California 92011

Jennifer Hadley

Jennifer Hadley is a Staff Writer for Attorney Journal

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About the Author: Jennifer Hadley is a Staff Writer for Attorney Journal

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