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RYAN MULLINAX, Founder of Allergic to Handcuffs, Has Earned a Rare Reputation for Integrity and Professionalism in the Bail Bonds Business

A former corporate I.T. consultant, suffice it to say Ryan Mullinax, founder of Allergic to Handcuffs Bail Bonds, is not your typical bail bondsman.
Indeed, for 15 years, Mullinax counted companies such as American Express, Microsoft, ESPN, JP Morgan Chase and Honeywell as clients. Today, however, his clients may not have the same name recognition as Fortune 500 companies, but
their need is the same: they require Mullinax’s help.
“My clients are people who need help to get out of jail. I do not judge, so no matter what a person is accused of, I will work to secure their freedom,” Mullinax says. Believing strongly that everyone has the right to defend themselves, Mullinax was first introduced to the bail bonds business years ago through an exgirlfriend.
“Her family owned a bail bonds business in Arizona and asked us to partner with them. We did and after a couple of months, I saw how shady and unscrupulous the bail bonds business is,” he recalls.
“Most people are in this business to make a buck. It can be very corrupt,” Mullinax says. “But there are people who haven’t done anything and have been thrown in jail. I believe in fairness, and I don’t need to take advantage of someone who
is already going through something terrible.”
Mullinax soon dissolved that business, and decided that rather than leaving the industry, he would make his mark by raising the bar of professionalism and integrity in the field, and first launched his own bail bonds business in Phoenix in
2010. Nearly four years ago, he opened his thriving San Diego business, Allergic to Handcuffs Bail Bonds. Now he’s setting his sights on expanding again, using the same business model that has been such a welcome relief to defense attorneys and their clients, in San Diego and Phoenix.


In order to distinguish himself from others, Mullinax built his business to cater to clients and attorneys, not to himself.
“When people call Allergic to Handcuffs, they are getting me. I’m a one man show. I answer my phone no matter what time of day it is. If an attorney has a client locked up at 3:00am I’ll answer my phone and make sure their client is taken care of. I am the decision maker. I don’t have to get any higher authority to decide what kind of deal I can make to get someone out of jail,” Mullinax says.
Obviously attorneys and their clients appreciate the fact that there are no middle-men to deal with when securing a bail bond; but beyond that, Mullinax’s business is entirely designed to take as much stress as possible off of his clients. “Having
come from the I.T. background, I’ve streamlined my business so both clients and co-signers can do all of my paperwork online.
I intentionally made it so that they don’t have to come to office at 2:00am to fill out paperwork in person. This is especially convenient for the mom or dad who wants to get their kid out of jail in the middle of the night. No one wants to be woken up by that jail call, much less drive to a bail bonds office. I do my best to make things as convenient as possible,” he says.
In fact, Allergic to Handcuffs even has an app for an Android or iPhone that can be installed. “It has a Panic Button,” says Mullinax. “If a person is being arrested they can push this button and I will be notified, along with their emergency contacts. That way we can all work to get the client out of jail ASAP.”
Mullinax is dedicated to ensuring a professional relationship with each client and/or their attorney often before the client even steps foot in jail. “If an attorney’s client has a warrant out for their arrest, I can post a bond for it without the client ever having to step foot inside a jail,” he says. Similarly, “If an attorney’s client is under investigation by the police and the police want the client to self-surrender and post bail, I can prearrange the bail with the client. That way, they don’t have to stress once they’re in jail. They’ll know I’ll be positing their bond for them.”
Mullinax’s unflinching professionalism persists once clients have been released from custody. “I’m very flexible with payment plans. If someone needs more time to make a payment all they have to do is let me know. I’ll never hassle someone if they can’t make a payment on the day they said they would. I certainly won’t threaten to throw someone back in jail because they can’t make a payment. I get calls from attorneys all of the time because their client is being threatened by their bondsman. Not only is that unethical, it is illegal,” Mullinax says.

Mullinax’s commitment to customer service, which he says was instilled in him from his time in corporate I.T., has proven a true asset to attorneys, time and again. He boasts a 100% success rate with 1,275 motions, and says that he is happy to reinstate bonds for clients who have missed court dates for legitimate reasons.
“Most bail companies will charge $150 for the very simple form that an attorney needs to have a bond reinstated. I don’t,” he says simply. Furthermore, he flat out refuses to pester attorneys during an open case. “Bail companies are known for harassing attorneys for each client’s court appearance minute order. This is a major hassle for attorneys and they are under no obligation to obtain them and send them to the bail company,” Mullinax explains. “After the client’s court date, I’ll just shoot the attorney a text and ask when their next hearing is, that’s all,” he says.
Laid back, and lighthearted in conversation, Mullinax is friendly and easy-going, though he’s not afraid to speak up when it comes to shining a light on the bail bonds business, which is another reason he’s earned the respect of so many
attorneys. In fact, Mullinax was a vocal supporter of Prop 47 several years ago.
“Prop 47 allowed people accused of minor offenses to not be charged with felonies. Someone who is addicted to drugs doesn’t belong in a jail. They need treatment to help them get better. Most bail companies throughout California opposed this measure because it would hurt their bottom line,” he says.
“I would rather see someone get the help they need instead of having to pay me to get out of jail.”
For a guy who loves CrossFit, working out and craft beer, and who spent so much time in the corporate world, Mullinax is definitely an unlikely bail bondsman. “It can be a shady business.
When I saw the unethical practices years ago, it led me to start my own business and do things differently. I like being my own boss, and I like being able to help people. I can already post bail anywhere throughout the state, but now that I’m established in San Diego and California, I’m going to expand into other markets, like Riverside and Orange County,” he says.

11“I met Ryan Mullinax several years ago when he first moved to San Diego. I quickly saw how hard he worked building up his bail bond business. Ryan was relentless in strategizing, meeting with various people, and advertising. Over the years, I have sent several people to Ryan who were in need of a bail bondsman. Ryan was always very quick to respond, and I have never had a complaint from any of these people about his services. In fact, many of them told me later how professional and helpful Ryan was to them. His honest advice to them was greatly appreciated. Simply put, I highly recommend Ryan Mullinax.” —Kerry Armstrong

12“Ryan came highly recommended to me by a handful of other defense attorneys here in town. I had always been beholden to another company, out of convenience more than anything else. I took over a major felony case where Ryan’s agency had put up the bond and I was really impressed with how hands-on he was. He showed up in court, knew the defendant and his family, and just made everyone feel very at ease. Since then, I have referred all of my clients that need to post bonds to him, and he continues to impress me. In a business not known for its integrity, he is very much the exception and is always professional, ethical and responsive.” —Cole Casey

13“I’ve known Ryan for years, and he’s one of the most consistent persons I know. I can call him any time of day or night, and always get a response within minutes, literally. I’ve had the pleasure of introducing Ryan to other attorney friends who also use Ryan’s services, and the reviews are always incredible. That’s what you get when you’re just a quality person both in your professional and personal life.” —Eric Ganci

14“I have practiced as a criminal defense attorney for over 10 years. I have worked with numerous bail bond companies throughout my career. Ryan Mullinax has completely earned my respect. His bail bond company is the only company I trust to post bail for my clients. He is professional, compassionate, reliable, and ethical.” —Lindsey Mercer

15“Ryan Mullinax is highly reliable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. He is an excellent bail bondsman. I feel confident knowing that my clients are in good hands when they utilize his services. I would not hesitate to endorse Ryan and his work.” —Anna Yum

16“Ryan is an extremely qualified professional who is able to deftly navigate the bail bonds system while remaining compassionate with his clients and their families. This unique skill sets him apart from others in his field.” —Jose Badillo


Ryan Mullinax
Allergic to Handcuffs Bail Bonds

Jennifer Hadley

Jennifer Hadley is a Staff Writer for Attorney Journal

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About the Author: Jennifer Hadley is a Staff Writer for Attorney Journal

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