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We know you are busy so we did the reading for you. Our team of more than 50 search marketing experts shares the most important news that attorneys need to know about online marketing and web technology from the recent past.

9Snapchat Rises to 10 Billion Videos Viewed a Day
Snapchat has reported that users are watching 10 billion videos a day, an increase from the previous 8 billion just two months ago. Law firms may not be considering Snapchat as a means of marketing currently, but with Snapchat’s added “stories” feature there may be a new avenue opening for law firm marketing. This feature allows videos to be viewed multiple times in a 24-hour window, creating a broader audience and more marketing opportunities. This information provided by Kristina Sandine @houseofsandine

10Google Gives Us Space in the Best Way Possible
Google recently increased the width of its main column of search engine results. While this impacts many parts of search engine results, one of the most notable is the increase in space for titles and descriptions from around 55 characters to 70 characters. Descriptions have also increased and are now 100 characters per line, however, the total characters count is around 150-160. What does this mean for your firm? You now have the added opportunity to catch a potential client’s attention with more intriguing titles and informative descriptions. This information provided by Rachel Harmon @r_charmon

11Links & Photos Will No Longer Count Against Twitter’s 140 Character Limit, Reports Say
Bloomberg reported that Twitter will soon stop counting photos and links as part of its 140 character limit, giving users more freedom for somewhat lengthier tweets. Newsweek ran an article with some additional information on the subject a couple of weeks later. These changes, according to the reports, are coming to Twitter users soon. Without needing to use up to 23 characters to include a link, what more will law firms be able to say to their Twitter followers? This information provided by Mike Zellmer @michaelzellmer

12New SERP Feature Announced: Rich Cards
At their yearly developer conference, Google reps went into more detail about the latest feature to Search – Rich Cards. Currently displayed only for recipe and movie search results, these cards are the latest addition to an ever-more-structured (and visual) Google Search experience. This could mean a new opportunity for your firm to stand out. This information provided by Chase Billow @chasebillow

13Savvy Attorneys Market Their Practices Online
Attorneys continue shifting dollars away from traditional advertising (e.g., billboards, bus benches, television, etc.) and toward the Web. Consumers are looking more and more to the Internet for answers to their questions, including how, when, and which attorney to hire. This is especially true for civil litigation attorneys, such as personal injury, workers’ compensation and Social Security disability cases. This information provided by John Damron @consultwebs

14Google AdWords Launches New Features for Mobile Ads and Maps
Google has announced new tools and features to AdWords for mobile ads and maps. These include expanded description lines, responsive display ads to fit different devices and formats, more customized bidding options and pilot features for Google Maps which allow advertisers to introduce more information about their business. These latest offers from Google AdWords reinforce the need for your firm to understand the importance of mobile. “As consumers live their lives online and blur the lines between online and offline, it’s more important than ever to build business for mobile,” stated the Senior Vice President, Ads and Commerce. This information provided by Tina Catedrilla @consultwebs

15Google Search Hits 2 Trillion a Year
Google won’t confirm the exact number of searches it handles per year but a starting number of around 2 trillion was reported. That many searches breaks down to about 3.8 million searches a minute. It becomes more apparent every day how important it is for law firms to optimize their content, ensure they are mobilefriendly and stay up-to-date on how potential clients search for them. This information provided by Consultwebs Staff @consultwebs

16Facebook Expands Ads to Reach Those Who Aren’t Facebook Users
If you’ve been worried that your Facebook ads aren’t reaching potential clients who don’t have Facebook accounts, worry no more. Facebook recently announced that it is expanding its advertising reach to show ads to all people who visit websites and apps in its Audience Network, not just those who have Facebook accounts. Facebook was already factoring in users’ interests to serve them relevant ads, but this new move will put relevant ads in front of those without Facebook accounts, as well. Good news for law firms who are seeing a good return on Facebook marketing and want to reach a broader audience. This information provided by Corrie Benfield @copydesk

17Sharp Decline in Facebook Engagement for Non-Video Content
We are seeing a steep decline in content on Facebook that does not contain video. Even top publishers are seeing much less interaction. Mark Zuckerberg himself has stated his focus is on promoting Facebook live and other video content. With Zuckerberg influencing the masses and shifting focus to video, it may be time to step up the videos and live content your law firm publishes. This information provided by Consultwebs Staff @consultwebs

18Google’s Next Mobile-Friendly Update Will Include PageSpeed
Gary Illyes (the new Matt Cutts) gives insights about where Google is headed when he speaks at various conferences around the world. On June 1, in Sydney, Australia, he mentioned that PageSpeed would be a factor in the next mobile update. Have you tested your firm’s website PageSpeed lately? Access Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool and see where your firm stands. This information provided by Eric Reiss @consultwebs

Consultweb Staff staff of talented online marketing professionals who skillfully manage all aspects of a law firm’s web campaign. takes a holistic approach to effectively grow audience, increase engagement, and maximize effectiveness to help our clients get more cases from the web.

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About the Author: staff of talented online marketing professionals who skillfully manage all aspects of a law firm’s web campaign. takes a holistic approach to effectively grow audience, increase engagement, and maximize effectiveness to help our clients get more cases from the web.

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