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Vision for Change

Batta Fulkerson is Giving People a Reason to View Personal Injury Law Firms Under a New Light

Breaking Away
Dan Fulkerson and Paul Batta, Co-Founders of Batta Fulkerson Law Group, Inc., have always had the mutual goal to eventually start their own law firm. However, leaving the security of working for a busy law firm to start your own is not always easy. It often requires a big leap-of-faith and a deep desire to want to do things your way. “Dan and I opened Batta Fulkerson because we want to do things differently. We wanted to concentrate more on the quality of the representation we wanted to bring to our clients over quantity of how many we can represent, which is more the norm,” Batta says.
Fulkerson adds, “We also wanted to change the way people look at personal injury attorneys. We were confident that our firm would be successful if our main objective was to always be client-focused. We had plenty of experience in the high-volume personal injury world, but we knew there was a better way to service clients. We felt that if we built a firm with the intent of always going beyond what is expected by our clients, new clients would soon follow.”

As a first-hand survivor of a serious car accident while in law school, Paul Batta is able to best understand what accident victims require in representation due to his own personal experience as a victim. He incurred substantial injuries which required him to need back surgery and aftercare for injuries he suffered. This experience has given Paul (and the rest of the firm) the unique ability to relate to and have empathy for their clients’ injuries and hardships in a way most other personal injury firms cannot.
Being client focused is obviously working very well for this relatively new law firm. In just two short years since the firm opened, they’ve grown to seven attorneys and a total staff of sixteen. The firm works predominantly in personal injury with a strong focus toward car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and dog bite injuries. They also handle premise liability claims and product defect claims. “We do not select cases based on ‘revenue expectation,’ as we take smaller, ‘soft tissue’ cases as well as horrific catastrophic injury claims. We select our cases mostly on who our potential new client is. We love to help genuinely good, nice people. We can usually determine if the attorney-client relationship is a good fit based on personality during client intake,” Batta says.

Staying True to the Vision
The firm recently settled a case for a five-year-old girl who suffered a fractured leg while at a “trampoline gym.” At the time, she was three years old. Gym personnel were supposed to separate small kids from big kids, but failed to do so. A large 15-year-old boy was allowed in the same area and after one of his jumps he landed on the girl and caused the fracture. The gym denied the claim due to the waiver that was signed. The girl’s mother called several other personal injury attorneys who told her there was no case due to the signed waiver. The mother is a single mom and active military. She was deployed overseas right after retaining Batta Fulkerson. Her daughter was left in the care of the child’s grandmother.

The firm helped transport and set up all doctor appointments for the daughter, set up Skype calls with the mother and daughter, and provided other important services. The case was unique in that the mother had to fully trust a legal firm not only regarding her child’s case but also to make sure she was able to get all the care she needed to recover—all this while being separated by an ocean. Batta Fulkerson was ultimately able to settle the case for $250,000 for the little girl. Throughout the course of this case, they became very close with the family. “At our office, we always put the relationship in front of everything else, which always sets the tone for how hard we work for our clients. We fight hard for our clients, because we care about each of them individually,” Fulkerson says.

Success through People, Process and Transparency
PEOPLE: A large part of the firm’s success comes from the talented team Batta and Fulkerson have assembled. “Our strategy is to always surround ourselves with attorneys that have talents that complement our own strengths,” explains Fulkerson. Batta Fulkerson has made it a policy to remain focused on only hiring highly experienced and self-motivated attorneys who have the experience and proven ability to go into court and litigate issues without requiring any micro-managed oversight. “We’re not some personal injury mill that’s trying to settle out as many cases as we can. I think that’s been one of our big strategies for success—going out and finding these experienced litigators to bring onto our team has added so much to us and added a powerful dynamic compared to how most personal injury law firms start,” Batta says.
PROCESS: Batta Fulkerson also has a policy that requires every new client to meet with one of the head attorneys in our office, never an investigator or paralegal. Their approach is to be extremely open (from the beginning) with new clients with regards to what they can expect from the attorneys and staff communication standards. It’s also the reason why every client has the direct cell phone for both Fulkerson and Batta. This approach with new clients ultimately helps manage their expectations throughout the representation process and eliminates any communication breakdown. It also makes the client feel reassured that they are in good hands and will always be able to reach their attorney if needed.

MARKETING: The firm is also known for taking a unique approach to their marketing strategy. They have bulldogs all over the place: shirts, coffee mugs, hats, sweatshirts, etc. Their bulldog brand can be found on forty cars and Ubers around San Diego and posted in dog parks. Their unique way of marketing the firm has gone against traditional law firm marketing approaches. “The bulldogs are more than just part of our marketing campaign. They are part of the organization. Stella and Dolly, two of our bulldogs, come to the office daily and interact with the staff and clients,” Fulkerson says, “You can actually see the difference in our clients who initially are uncomfortable walking into the firm after they are greeted by the dogs. When one of our dogs walks into a meeting and sits down next to a client, it’s great to see the client just melt with any insecurity disappearing as they reach down to pet the dog. They’re more comfortable and able to have a conversation because of it.”

Showing Appreciation and Respect for Referrals
“When we receive a referral, our goal is for that client to come back and thank the person that gave them the referral. A referral is a direct extension of your own reputation and that is something we take very seriously. Due to our success and word-of-mouth reputation, we receive a lot of case referrals from other attorneys, doctors, and even insurance companies,” says Fulkerson.
In addition, the firm often has attorneys that want to remain involved in the case after referring it. This additional involvement is always available at Batta Fulkerson, as they are always happy to let referring attorneys stay involved in the case and attend all meetings and litigation events. Their willingness to collaborate with referring attorneys is much appreciated by new attorneys because it allows them to further their direct experience in the personal injury process and maintain their personal contact with the client,” explains Batta. Batta Fulkerson also pays generous referral fees of 25-40% to any licensed CA attorneys in compliance with all State Bar Rules. Attorneys will also enjoy the benefit of receiving regular updates pertaining to the referrals they provide as the case moves through different stages and their referral check is always sent out ithout solicitation, immediately upon resolution of the case.

Giving Back to the Community
Batta Fulkerson has partnered with several charitable organizations and causes. Those partnerships go well beyond just donating money.“We love to be actively involved with organizations so that we can develop close relationships with the people and causes we fight for and truly believe in. We are particularly involved in helping children, animals, and our veterans. We love to attend and host events. We even have a ‘sponsor dog,’ which is a very large blow-up bulldog we bring to certain events. For every photo tagged with the sponsor dog from that event we donate money to the event. It’s important to all of us at our firm to be fully engaged within our community and to be an active part of the growth and evolution of this great community that we are lucky enough to call home. Some of the organizations Batta Fulkerson supports are: Urban Angels Soup Kitchen, Active Valor, Second Chance Dog Rescue, Friends of Scott, Animal Pad, San Diego Center for Children, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Sonshine Haven, Brunch Club, and Save the Children.”

Paul Batta – Co-Founder
Batta, a life-long resident of Los Angeles, earned his Juris Doctor degree at California Western School of Law. He has handled thousands of personal injury cases giving him a wide variety of exposure to various personal injury type cases in San Diego and surrounding Southern California counties. Out of the office, he loves spending time with his wife Natalie, and his family and friends. He enjoys traveling, the outdoors, and giving back to the community. Batta is fluent in Arabic and caters to the Arabic community across the state of California. He is currently learning Spanish as his third language.
He has a unique insight into the challenges many of the firm’s clients face. While interning at a personal injury law firm in downtown San Diego, he was involved in a serious car accident, which resulted in substantial injuries and required back surgery and extensive treatment. He speaks not only as an attorney in personal injury cases, but also as someone who has walked in the victim’s shoes.

Dan Fulkerson – Co-Founder
Originally from Idaho, Fulkerson completed his Juris Doctor degree at California Western School of Law in San Diego in conjunction with his Master of Business Degree at University of California simultaneously. He has successfully handled more than 7,500 car accident cases and personally helped recover tens of millions of dollars for victims. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with friends, family, and his three English Bulldogs: Winston, Stella and Dolly.
Fulkerson has a reputation as “Mr. Positive” at the firm. “I’m the guy who is always happy and always smiling. It’s not fake. I’m in a line of work where I deal with people who are broken, so I know how many people are fighting silent battles, which is why it is important to stay positive and be a beacon of hope in their eyes as we help them rebuild their lives.” Batta and Fulkerson met in 2008 in law school, where they were assigned to the same section their first year. They interned together at a Personal Injury Law Office in 2009 and their friendship developed. After graduation they worked together at a very high-volume personal injury firm. After five years they decided it was time they went in a different direction and Batta Fulkerson Law Group was formed.“
We love helping people. Personal injury is one of the areas of law that allows us to really help clients recover their lives. From our initial meeting, to getting them the best medical help, so they can heal properly, and ultimately, getting our clients their rightful compensation. At the end of the day, we sleep well at night, knowing we are fortunate enough to be able to provide for our families, in careers we love, by helping our clients and their families get through a difficult chapter in their lives. Personal injury was definitely the right practice area of us,” Batta says.

Batta Fulkerson Law Group, Inc.
401 B Street, Suite 1400
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 333-5555

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