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Ankur Sheth is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura, based in New York. Ankur has been focused on cybersecurity for more than 14 years across a variety of competencies and industries and continues to serve his clients in successfully mitigating potential cyber threats. Jano Bermudes is a Managing Director at Ankura, based in London. Prior to joining Ankura, he was in Navigant’s information security investigations and assessment practice, acquired by Ankura in 2018, and lead the proactive and reactive incident response team outside of the America’s region. Reprinted with permission from the “April 2019” edition of the “Cybersecurity Law & Strategy”© 2019 ALM Media Properties, LLC. All rights reserved.

The Principles of Good Cyber Risk Management

The Principles of Good Cyber Risk Management

In the world of cyber risk, we are dealing with unprecedented events. Apart from headline-grabbing attacks such as the global malware incident that impacted Mondelēz’s business and the Russian military-run global cyber-attack, NotPetya, we are now seeing an epidemic of cyber-attacks. Concern has shifted from dealing with data being stolen and sold on the dark […]

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