Getting Back to Their Roots: At Parks & Solar, LLP, plain, old-fashioned hard work plus resourceful thinking... Increasing Diversity in Law 3 Ways to Move Beyond Lip Service: Law firms and legal departments can be doing more to measurably increase diversity. - A... Structuring Attorney Fees: Your client just received a large jury award or settlement. Your client is satisfied with... Seller Myths vs. Market Truths: Many refer to the 2008 economic meltdown as the “Great Reset.” For law firm business... Check for Weak Links in Your Marketing Program: 9 Weak Links That Can Break Your Marketing Program - 1Delivering a sales message.... Lawyers, Can You Build Relationships with Data?: Over the last few years, data has become more and more popular a subject, as we try to... Leaders as Coaches: Coaching plays a crucial role in keeping people engaged and committed. It brings out the... Asking Leading Questions in Job Interviews: Hiring law firm employees is a vital task. The employees you hire (or candidates you pass... Community News – December 2019: Butterfield Schechter LLP is pleased to announce that partners Marc S. Schechter and Paul... THE FIRE LAWYERS. Singleton Law Firm Fights for Fire Victims.: “One of the things I love about my work is that we represent families in times of their...
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Brian Burlant is one of the select few recruiters having a wealth of experience servicing clients, and placing candidates at Major, Lindsey & Africa , in both in-house and law firm settings. He views these practices as complementary, reflecting the ever more closely entwined relationship of law firms and their clients, and the positive value that can be provided by a proactive in-house legal department and their outside counsel.

5 Things You Can Do for Yourself and Your Career Ahead of the Coming Economic Tides

5 Things You Can Do for Yourself and Your Career Ahead of the Coming Economic Tides

We have enjoyed the benefits of the longest economic expansion in U.S. history—over 120 months of positive economic growth. Like all expansions, our current one will at some point slow and reverse, though, hopefully, not as precipitously as in 2007‒2008. As we see possible signs of an economic slowdown, what are some of the things […]

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