Passion and Small- Town Values Lead To Success: The path for most successful San Diego attorneys starts at an early age. For Patrick... Make This the Year You Take Control Of Your Time!: A lot of lawyers are extremely challenged about operating in crisis mode and ending many... Best Books for Solo Entrepreneurial Lawyers in 2018: Reading a great book is a real joy. Reading is also an effective way for solo lawyers to... 17 WAYS TO ADD VALUE TO YOUR CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS: Legal marketers talk a lot about value. We talk about providing value, being of value,... 4 Client Intake Best Practices For Law Firms: At many law firms, client intake is a disjointed process of back and forth calls and... A Strategic Approach To Legal Business Development: Many of us treat legal business development the same way we do bathing suit season—we... Community News – April 2018: CaseyGerry has added two new associate attorneys—Alyssa Williams and Jillian F.... Defending Clients Against the True Cost of Cannabis Prohibition: In the rapidly-changing, fast-paced area ofcannabis law, the Law Offices of Michael E.... How to Become a Motivational Leader at Your Firm: A leader should not only guide others to ensure great professional success, but also... Zero $ Investment: Fast Lane for Lawyers on LinkedIn: Why remain invisible to nearly 550+ million LinkedIn professionals? - LinkedIn, recently...
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nEric Dewey, MBA is principal of Group Dewey Consulting and has more than 25 years training and coaching hundreds of lawyers and other professionals in practice and business development. He is the former chief marketing officer of several large law firms and has extensive experience in financial services, commercial real estate and management consulting. His clients range from the nation’s largest law firms to midsize law firms, specialty boutique firms, and solo practitioners.



Legal marketers talk a lot about value. We talk about providing value, being of value, and adding value. It’s a solid concept. A correct concept. A simple concept. Value is anything you do that makes your client’s life happier, easier, better informed or more profitable. But few firms have a thoughtful, repeatable process that they […]

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