From Confusion to Clarity for Dentists and Physicians: San Diego’s Attorney for Dentists and Physicians Earns a Position on the Leading Edge... 5 Tips for Young Lawyers How to Find Your Way in a Crowded Arena: Young lawyers can face some uphill battles out of law school. The dream of defending the... Signs That Origination Sharing Is NOT Working: In the course of our Partner Compensation System work, we have seen many law firms that... The Surprising Sentence That Keeps Prospects Reading (and Buying): You spend time and resources writing a marketing piece. So why not make sure as many... THE TOP 5 REASONS Your Law Firm Can’t Cross-Sell: Many years ago, as a young marketer at a 500-lawyer firm, the managing partner tasked me... How and Why to Start and Market Your Own Non-Profit Organization: Here’s one of the best-kept secrets in lawyer marketing. Few attorneys take advantage... Community News – November 2018: Higgs Fletcher & Mack announced the addition of Robert W. Lincoln to the Business... Altruism Drives Family Law Attorney’s Success: Business Student Exercising an Educational Option Discovers a LIFELONG PASSION for Family... NETWORKING Planning, Persistence, and Practice: Do not just attend an event—attend with purpose. To go with purpose means setting... Things Lawyers Do ...: I just took my first long vacation in, well, pretty much ever. I’ve taken time off...
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Justine K. Nielsen is a Senior Associate at Procopio and a member of its Real Estate team. She represents private entities and public interest groups on a variety of land use, planning and entitlement matters throughout various stages of the real estate development process. She also focuses on due diligence prior to acquisition, amending general plans and other related statutes. Sara G. Neva is an Associate at Procopio and a member of its Real Estate team. She counsels clients on real estate, finance and general business transactions. Her practice involves real estate property purchase and sale, commercial leases and easements, joint venture formation and other equity investments, financing, land use and entitlements.

Thinking of Relocating Your Business? The City of San Diego May Pay You to Stay

Thinking of Relocating Your Business? The City of San Diego May Pay You to Stay

In an effort to attract and retain high-performing companies, the San Diego City Council this week revamped its 25-year-old Business and Industry Incentive Program, which provides substantial development and business incentives for private capital improvement investments. Entrepreneurs throughout the region will want to make themselves familiar with the new program. The original program—which helped incentivize […]

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